Rough sketch ideas for Chris Cornell posters

I have a box of sketches that I keep all my early ideas that are rough sketches that I’ve done in pencil or pen and ink. Today I’m moving all these early drawings into another box. The one they’re in is falling apart. Anyway, I thought I’d share these today and I’ll probably be sharing more in the future.

These are the very first, rough idea sketches for the Chris Cornell concert posters I did for the Dallas an Austin shows back in 2015 for his Higher Truth tour. The “Twin” posters, for lack of a better term… the two matching posters. The image on the left was my rough idea to do the art and split it into two posters. The image of Chris on the right shows I was initially going to go in a more stylized, caricature type of a drawing of him. I decided to do a more realistic drawing of Chris instead, after I started tightening up the drawing. RIP Chris.